Samange Trends

This fall, it’s definitely worth adding ribbed ribbons to your wardrobe. Cotton velvet outerwear is among the hottest trends this season. To get at least one or two things from royal fabric is a good tone. Especially because velveteen is easy to put in your basic wardrobe.
The most relevant coat this fall is a maxi coat. Volumetric or figure - the silhouette can be anything. The main thing is the length at least to the ankles.
Leather suits have not attracted so much attention for a long time. The brutal dark variations that are relevant this season, as well as delicate suits made of thin leather in the color of caramel or olives.
Endless summer cocktails, dances and parties - the best reason to replenish your wardrobe. A t-shirt or a suit with sequins is undoubtedly the ideal bright image for a summer party, and a dress with feathers of simple cut is suitable not only for special occasions. If you want to emphasize the figure, making it more attractive and sexy, choose a set of eco-leather.
Multi-layered images are always in trend, because they look very unusual, original and spectacular. You can use completely different wardrobe items. We suggest combining a short jacket and a loose striped cloak from cotton for cool summer evenings.
Light, incredibly pleasant to the body, airy - just the perfect dress for a cruise and walking on the beach.
On the first day of the week, we choose a trouser suit and boldly combine it with your favorite accessories. You can endlessly experiment with how to wear it: pants and a jacket themselves will become the basis for ten looks.
Pants from the costume bestseller and blouse with puffed sleeves - the image for the boring office.
No summer season is complete without a striped print. Striped total look in which strips pass in different directions is in demand.
Delicate dress with stripes - the original version for the summer heat. Can be worn with white sneakers or mules, and a trendy woven bag complements the look.
Palazzo trousers and a loose jacket create a wonderful tandem - a great option that can be worn at least every day. A floral print on clothes is always a bright and weighty accent. Complement the costume with pumps or fashionable mules.
Super comfortable flying dress made of flax for the summer. Minimalistic sandals and a thin bracelet will be enough to create a stylish bow.
Romantic and feminine - every girl should have such a dress. A thin strip, a laconic cut and a neat belt at the waist. This is the real must have of summer 2019!
If you want to move away from the formal dress code, but remain elegant, choose a blazer with a print, wear it with wide trousers to match with a high waist. Femininity itself for warm weather.
The eternal trend is a white shirt. Regardless of the chosen style, relying on a safe monochrome mix, you will look elegant and bright in any situation.
Must-have of the season - a stylish trouser suit, a universal solution for all occasions.
This spring color suits are the main trend of the season. A light blouse or an animalistic top is perfect for any occasion!

Cold mint - a hot trend of the season. Regardless of the texture, this color is simply impossible not to fall in love.


Print with flowers is an unchanged attribute of spring-summer collections. Both small flowers and huge prints around the perimeter of the dress are relevant.


Beige leather Nothing superfluous and everything in business is about one of the main trends of the next spring. Beige leather will definitely have to appear in your wardrobe: in the form of a thin coat, trousers, leather shirt or even a dress.


The cage this season has become the most fashionable print. Checkered coats and jackets will be especially relevant. Aerobatics - a combination of several options for the cell in one outfit #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


“Tofu” is a cool creamy tone that has become an alternative to white. Neutrality “Tofu” allows you to use it in the most elegant images #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


This season's must-have is an eco-fur coat. IN TREND BRIGHT COLOR ECOMECH, NATURAL COLOR OR COLOR BLOCKING #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


The main shades of the season are romantic and cinematic names. Rust, the color of ripened chestnut, nutty, ocher and mustard look great in clothes from the autumn collections #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


The special structure of the wool fibers provides the fabric with excellent properties in preserving heat. Products made from such material are distinguished by their hypoallergenic and wear resistant properties. Wool retains its beautiful and neat appearance for a long time, ensuring maximum comfort while wearing #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


One of the most spectacular trends of the coming winter is the silver-colored outfits and accessories. In the "cosmic" things can be completed from head to toe to look as alien, like girls on shows of Chanel and Y Project #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Red Pear - rich red-brown tone. This shade is self-sufficient, elegant and incredibly aristocratic. It is ideal in monolooks, but it goes well with yellow and blue shades. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


One of the main trophies of the season - outerwear from eco-fur of different shades and textures. Among the hot trends of the season - bright, sometimes flashy colors. Fur products painted in trendy colors look luxurious and stylish. At the peak of popularity today is red #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Beige and black create interesting and stylish ensembles. The contrast of the combination makes it possible to get expressive, spectacular, deep images that will certainly impress others. At the heart of the office style are colors such as black, white, gray, beige and dark blue. In the psychology of color, it is recommended to use a union of beige and black in negotiations, interviews or exams, since it creates a positive-neutral background for communication. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Total black. White things were relevant in the summer; as a result, blacks are trendy in autumn and winter #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Martini Olive is a deep shade of green, not too dark or gloomy, shows itself perfectly in military style clothing #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Coats made from natural materials are not only a trendy trend, but also one of the components of health #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


A bright brown shade has great possibilities for combining. Ideal with yellow, orange and red tones. #SAMANGE # fall2018


The hit of autumn-winter collections is a complicated cut. The contrasting colors of the details are emphasized by the ingeniousness of the constructions #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


A deep shade of blue, will make any figure more elegant and slimmer. It goes well with red, yellow tones #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


The cage becomes the most fashionable print of autumn. Small and large, straight and diagonal, black and white and colored. The cage begins a confident cry on the wardrobe of women of fashion #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


A noble gray coat will serve as a good base for creating stylish images #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


The most spectacular bows this fall #SAMANGE #fall2018


A deep blue-green hue, named after the quetzal bird, looks extremely elegant and rich #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


A drawing on oak leaves clothes, as in the Lacoste show, a floral pattern in marsh flowers from Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors or abstract patterns SAMANGE - in the coming autumn merge with nature and wear camouflage! #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Not restrained and expressive, open and enticing, poppy warm shade bravely bursts into the fashionable palette #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Brilliant almonds - the most gentle nude shade of the autumn-winter season #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Plastic, silver parks, overalls and down jackets, futuristic huge sneakers, reminiscent of moonshocks - a real gift for fans of science fiction. Catch signals from space in a fashionable image #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Сoats from eco-fur. In addition to the fact that the creation of such fur does not require the death of animals, it also expands the possibilities in terms of design: any possible colors and volumes - all this will be a hit of autumn and winter 2018/19. #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Tweed. In autumn-winter 2018/19 tweed is especially relevant. Pay attention to more daring combinations, combinations of tweeds with leather, metal textures, denim and sports things. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


All types of cells will be relevant in autumn and winter 2018-19. From the fabric to the cage will be worn all - suits, dresses, coats, skirts, jackets. The size and color of the cell are arbitrary.#SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


We invite you to the exhibition "Galychyna Fashion Expo", which will be held in Lviv from 8 - 11.08.2018. All the days of the exhibition at our stand will be attended by managers and management of the company, with whom you will be able to discuss issues of the beginning and development of cooperation in an informal atmosphere. Waiting for our STAND 2C


A colored coat with an English collar is a thing you need to dare for once in your life.#SAMANGE #spring2018


We invite bayers to the closed exhibition of the autumn-winter collection 2018/19


Main trends of the season: Denim. Clothing from denim of all shades of blue - from a transparent blue to a saturated indigo - again conquers the catwalks #SAMANGE #spring2018


Shuttlecocks and ruches flooded the mass market in the spring of 2017, but judging by the reports of the London trend-bureau # WGSN and fresh shows at Fashion Week, remain with us in the spring of 2018 #SAMANGE #spring2018


White jacket - not just a stylish and elegant element of the women's wardrobe, it can be safely called the classic of modern fashion. Regardless of the complexity of the style, it is able to bring to your appearance a note of refinement, nobility and, in a way, even aristocratism #SAMANGE #spring2018

The strip is an incontestable trend of the spring-summer season 2018 #SAMANGE # spring2018



A very light shade of gray Harbor Mist - so weightless that it reminds a fog covering the earth with the onset of spring. Wrap up in a coat of the color of the Misty Harbor - it's like being invisible #SAMANGE #spring2018 #HarborMist

А reliable option - to wear a coat as a dress. #SAMANGE # spring2018

The most fashionable season printout - this spring we dress in peas. #SAMANGE #spring18

Pantone Little Boy Blue - сolor of the spring sky, calming and fresh blue gives harmony and optimism.

Lovely women, let each of your day be full of sunshine, give joy, creative inspiration, pleasant surprises, love, good and prosperity!

The coat of the #doubleface perfectly from the underside is the same as with the front side. Playing the tones of both sides of the fabric will allow you to experiment freely with the choice of color for creating the image. #SAMANGE # spring2018

The most popular flower of the coming spring is lavender, and the # PinkLavender shade has entered the top ten trendy colors of the season. #SAMANGE # spring2018

Actual red in the new spring palette #pantone #SAMANGE #spring2018


From 7 to 9 February in Kiev was successfully held Kyiv Fashion International Fashion Festival, which SAMANGE presented a new collection of spring 2018. #SAMANGE #spring2018


Winter "bubble-coats" are the best option of outerwear. But the headdress is the most impotant part of the image in the winter, do not forget about it!


The expressions, the eccentricity and the actual colour combinations are the secret of popularity the square design! #fallwinter17_18


Winter vacations are a great time to spend it actively and fun! A universal winter image for lovers of comfort. #fallwinter17_18

Products with fur are beyond competition, both in terms of practicality, elegance, respectability and luxury. #fallwinter17_18


Elegant feminine look, for lovers to emphasize the figure. Under such a coat it is good to wear basic narrow trousers, high-heeled boots or boots on a comfortable wedge. SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18