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SAMANGE cashmere coats - warmth and tenderness for the whole fall

For the premium line of our brand, we choose exquisite high quality materials, and, of course, among them - soft, lightweight and at the same time durable cashmere. SAMANGE hypoallergenic products made of the finest yarn have high wear resistance, so they will delight you not only the whole autumn, but also many cold seasons. It remains to choose the model and color of the elegant coat.

Cashmere coat.

The laconic design with an English collar is timeless. And to emphasize the softness of the female silhouette, we complemented it with a lowered sleeve and a belt at the waist.

With our palette, you can decorate autumn with hot red or deep emerald color, as well as complement your wardrobe with noble platinum or fresh olive.

In the SAMANGE collection you will find a cashmere coat that will become a stylish companion for your fall.