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Black coat is a timeless trend

White shirt, blue jeans, beige trench coat - there are things that have become classics for a long time. And the black coat is definitely one of them. It remains to choose a style that will emphasize your figure and fit into the autumn wardrobe without fail.

Straight silhouette coat is created for laconic looks in different styles. Wear it with business trousers for a business meeting, or throw it on a mini dress when important things turn into a party.

Cropped coat.

The coat-jacket is another oversize model in the SAMANGE collection that will be appropriate for many occasions. After all, it combines restraint and brutality, borrowed for a men's wardrobe. Therefore, the design looks harmonious with both stiletto heels and rough boots.

Straight silhouette coat.

SAMANGE brand knows the formula of modern classics. An English collar and a straight silhouette are strict elements that remain relevant from season to season. The model can be highlighted with a removable belt in color.

The coat is demi-season.

This black SAMANGE coat will be the main purchase of the season and will complement your personal style.