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5 questions to Dmitry Pchelnikov - SAMANGE Sales Director

We continue to talk about the SAMANGE team, which remains behind the scenes!

Another important department, in addition to the design bureau, is the sales department, headed by Dmitry Pchelnikov. We asked Dmitry 5 questions about his work:

What are the main goals of the sales department?

Expansion of the sales geography and popularization of the SAMANGE brand as a whole - on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

What is the principle of your team's work?

To carry out all tasks today, tomorrow there will be new tasks.

How does the team study customer requests and make predictions for the next seasons?

Well-coordinated work with the marketing department allows us to satisfy customer needs, receive feedback and plan future collections.

How is the SAMANGE service evolving for the convenience of customers making purchases?

We add payment options for goods in installments, cooperating with the leading banks in Ukraine. The goods are dispatched on the day of the order, even if the order was placed at 17:00.

What plans is the team making for the near future?

Development of our own courier delivery in the city of Kharkov and increasing brand awareness by participating in fashion shows and exhibitions.

SAMANGE is a brand that will fulfill your order in the shortest possible time and give you pleasant shopping emotions.