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Pajama style: ultra-fashionable SAMANGE models

Even in the middle of a big city, you can feel comfortable and at ease, just like at home. The main thing is to choose the right suit - light and silky, like your favorite pajamas. For a relaxed summer, SAMANGE designers have created everyday kits in a home style, which remains one of the most relevant trends of recent seasons.

Light suit with shorts .

For our models, we have chosen soft and flowing satin satin in pastel shades. Pink and turquoise are contrasted with black decorative inserts that emphasize the elegant lines of the cut.

Light suit.

A blouse and trousers made of weightless fabric can be worn together or separately, combined with items in different styles - pajamas, lingerie, casual or sport chic. Create an image for everyday activities, a walk or a long-awaited trip. Your outfit will be complemented by mules, sandals with thin straps or city flip-flops.

Summer is just beginning - it's time to give yourself a relaxed mood with a SAMANGE suit!

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