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Light trouser suit - a sorceress for a skin day

In the office, for a walk in a zamiska podoroz - a trouser suit gives you the chance to become the head item of a summer wardrobe.

We will add a suit with a vest.

SAMANGE designers have created sets of non-woven fabrics: white satin, chiffon and soft jersey. Viber is a universal trouser suit with two shorts for especially spectacular days. In the lithuanian collection, you will know both monochromatic models, as well as options with prints.

Lіtnіy suit with trousers.

We will present stylish solutions for everyday life and summer cottages. In a light suit, it is so good to enjoy a drink on the terrace of a restaurant and drink in stores with your favorite shopper.

Suit with palazzo trousers.

Sets with a palazzo and straight-cut trousers are harmoniously combined with mules, barefoot shoes and slippers. In the season of spring - summer 2021, it is recommended to make a big deal of respect for a square mousse and delicate remnants.

Lightweight trouser suit.

Wouldn't you have planned for a whole life, with an elegant trouser suit from SAMANGE, you will be sure to sing in your image.

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