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Fashionable coats and jackets: an overview of the key trends this spring

Relaxed fit or clean lines? Shades of the sun or refreshing mint? To look trendy for Spring / Summer 2021, you can choose any of these options. SAMANGE presents the latest cut and colors.

Timeless classic

Fitted coat

Structural items help you feel confident and collected, so they are perfect for a business look. Their popularity increased after a protracted quarantine, when the girls wanted to take off their pajamas and dress up again in the office. In the spring collection of our brand, double-breasted coats with strict shoulders are presented. The classic design will be appropriate not only for business meetings, but also for evening outings.

Home style

Jacket with insulation .

Although we missed the events outside the home, we became even more concerned about our comfort, for example, choosing soft fabrics in which we want to wrap ourselves up like a blanket. This season SAMANGE designers have created insulated jackets and wrap-around coats at the waist to make you feel comfortable wherever you are.

Oversized coat


For which season, girls are in love with a free silhouette. One size up coat has become a key piece of urban style that goes well with jeans and romantic dresses. The voluminous model will make the female figure even more graceful and fragile. Put on your favorite sneakers for a comfortable, casual look.


Shirt coat.

Another topical option is a shirt coat with patch pockets. Create a layered outfit with a tee or crop top for warmer days. Add a belt to accentuate the waist, or undo all the buttons and showcase the bottom layer. You can find out more about how to wear the trendy model of the season in our previous collection.

Expressive decor

Coat with fringe.

The spring coat gets especially playful with fringes, curly buttons and other trendy embellishments. Fringe draws attention to the flying feminine gait and makes the image airy and flirty.

Spring palette and trendy prints

Double-breasted coat.

Checkered coat.

This spring, when creating collections, designers are inspired by the shades of the sky and mint candy. They use orange-yellow, lemon, sand, lavender, as well as the color of meringue and dark chocolate.

Among the popular designs for spring-summer 2021 are flowers, abstract patterns and tie dye dyeing techniques, but global brands pay special attention to the cage this season. That is why in the SAMANGE collection you can find a modern and at the same time time-tested checkered print .

With versatile and elegant SAMANGE clothing, it's easy to be trendy every season!