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5 базових пальт сезону на всі випадки життя

It's easy to create stylish looks when you have a basic coat in your wardrobe. In our new selection, we present SAMANGE spring models that will suit any outfit - business, casual or romantic.

Office weekdays

Fitted coat.

When the day is scheduled by the minute, you don't want to waste time on choosing clothes, but it is important to be confident in yourself. SAMANGE coats in universal shades are combined with almost the entire range of business style. Wear a brown pantsuit or burgundy skirt with a soft pink blouse. The slim-fit style with strict shoulders will add confidence to any business meeting.

Evening at the restaurant

Cropped coat.

All urgent matters have been resolved and it's time to devote the evening to family, friends or a loved one. In a cropped coat, you can go to a restaurant for dinner right away from the office. The straight silhouette model looks elegant with classic midi and maxi dresses. It remains to add pumps or fashionable kitten heels - shoes with a small glass-heel.

Shopping or walking with friends

Coat with patch pockets.

When the long-awaited weekend comes around, you want to relax and put on something casual. For such a mood in the spring collection SAMANGE you will find a loose-fitting coat with patch pockets. Choose jeans, a knitted jumper and comfortable trainers for a walk with your girlfriends, shopping or a beauty day.

Country weekend


With the arrival of spring, it is so tempting to be in nature - to go to the country house or spend a weekend in a suburban complex, enjoying SPA procedures. For a mini-travel, a demi-season cocoon coat is the best fit. With the dropped shoulder line, you will feel fashionable and comfortable. Slip it over a hoodie or knit suit for a cozy weekend.

Romantic date

Double-breasted coat .

For such a case, it is worth choosing a particularly feminine image - a chiffon wrap dress or an airy pleated skirt. This season, feel free to wear mini, layered options with ruffles and skirts with slits. The SAMANGE double-breasted knee-length coat complements your romantic look. The palette of our brand includes the colors of cappuccino, camel, ice cream and basic black.

We are always happy to inspire you for stylish looks with SAMANGE basic coats!