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What to wear on Valentine's Day: 5 looks for February 14

What to wear on Valentine's Day: 5 looks for February 14

When romance is in the air, every girl wants to feel special. The right image - and the mood is high. We have selected 5 SAMANGE Valentine's Day outfits for dates of different formats: from going to the movies to traveling.

The last row

Movies are classic dating. For such a romantic evening, a double-breasted French velor coat in gray will do. Complete it with a dark ribbed sweater, jeans and ankle boots with steady heels. And of course, don't forget the details - stylish jewelry and a bag.

Double-breasted coat in French velor .

Table for two

If you are invited to dinner on Valentine's Day, wear a red SAMANGE coat with an English collar. In it, you will definitely become the main event of the evening, especially when combined with a midi skirt in linen style. Combine it with a light-colored sweater, ankle boots and earrings.

Double-breasted short coat .

City walk

Sometimes there is nothing better than just walking along your favorite streets and parks. Places that hold so many of your shared memories. For walking around the city, choose a demi-season jacket. This warm model in the current color can be worn with trousers or with a skirt under high boots.

Demi-season jacket .

Romantic trip

If on Valentine's Day you want to give up everything and leave with your loved one, we offer a set in a sporty style. A pink padded jacket is a practical and elegant option. This SAMANGE model will match light-colored jeans, a sweater, lace-up boots and a backpack where you can put everything you need.

Jacket with insulation .

Evening at the theater

An invitation to a play is a great occasion to appear in a classic look. A coat in the color Sundae with patch pockets will look harmonious with a blouse, classic trousers with a belt, shoes and a small feminine handbag.

Coat with patch pockets .

Your plans for February 14 can be anything. But we are sure that on a festive evening you will feel the most attractive in delicate, bright and romantic SAMANGE outfits - just like you!