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January is a great time to buy an eco-coat

Do you doubt whether it is worth buying a fur coat in the middle of winter? Are you rational about updating your wardrobe? Then feel free to choose the reversible SAMANGE model. In it, you will definitely be able to walk both in the bitter frost and in the unpredictable off-season, when snow now and then gives way to rain. Just put the fur coat on the right side - soft or raincoat.

Double-sided eco-coat.

Our functional fur coats are crafted from ethical Tissavel fur and waterproof fabric. The fluffy side will come in handy during snow walks, and the waterproof side will help out during the rain. It remains to choose a cut that will emphasize your figure and, of course, your favorite color. By the way, we recently talked about being in a winter look.

Cropped fur coat.

But there is one more reason to buy an eco-coat this month - right now they have discounts up to 65%! Enjoy premium quality SAMANGE eco-coats at great prices.