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More color: how to wear bright eco-coats

Mustard, turquoise, pink - the SAMANGE winter collection contains trendy and practical shades. What colors should fur coats be combined with to create a harmonious look? We tell you in our new selection.


This natural shade is combined with other warm tones such as brown, orange and olive. Combine mustard and grassy for a fresh look, or make your look more daring - wear black jeans, a matching turtleneck and add accessories with a leopard print.


The romantic name inspires romantic images. Choose a soft pink dress or suit in a sporty-casual style. Also muted terracotta is successfully combined with cream, leafy green and dark cherry.

Bilateral eco-fur coat.

Bilateral eco-fur coat.


A seductive shade of brown enlivens scarlet, ruby ​​or coral. And beige will create a calm and noble image. For example, opt for a milky pantsuit for a business meeting or dinner.


An unobtrusive dusty hue will sound with base white or accentuate the depth of burgundy. It goes well with gray tones, khaki and muted blue, so your favorite jeans will always be appropriate with a pink eco-coat.

Shortened double-sided eco-coat.

Shortened double-sided eco-coat.


A deep hue will unfold with other celestial and marine colors. Complement the reversible coat with an aquamarine sweater with a chunky collar or an azure scarf. A sand shade will create a win-win complementary combination.


If you like to combine bright colors, combine the famous turquoise shade with purple or pumpkin, or for a more relaxed outfit, the color of wet asphalt is suitable. And don't forget that white and black will always be a great base for experimentation.

Bilateral eco-fur coat.

Bilateral eco-fur coat.

It remains only to choose a color to match your mood!