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SAMANGE wishes a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

SAMANGE is always about love. Love for high quality standards, ethical materials, and most importantly, for the women who inspire us.

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, our team wishes this love to envelop you every day - with the same tenderness as soft SAMANGE eco-coats.

Eco-fur coat "Tissavel".

Thank you for being with us in such an unpredictable year 2020! We believe that 2021 will open up new opportunities and fulfill the cherished dreams that you make at midnight. We wish your family health, home comfort, prosperity and hundreds of reasons for joy. And we will pleasantly surprise you with new collections!

We hope that you have already managed to prepare gifts for your loved ones. And if you just plunged into the pre-holiday bustle, on our website you can order sheepskin coats, coats and accessories that can be put under the Christmas tree!

We wish you bright holidays and a happy year!