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White + beige - the most fashionable combination of the season

When two base colors blend together, they create a gentle and calm look.

White is always about cleanliness and freshness. A versatile color that can be easily combined with bright colors and pastels. Beige is about naturalness and comfort. In the winter collection SAMANGE there is a light shade of the current range that is right for you: cream, milky or mocha.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 699 UAH

Wear a reversible faux fur and raincoat coat in Ivory or Marengo, along with a textured knot snow band.

Or, conversely, combine a white cropped fur coat with a soft shade of fur scarf with a pronounced pink undertone.

In addition, beige is a great option for total looks. Match a tone-on-tone Tissavel faux fur coat and soft panama. The harmonious look is perfect for everyday outings, winter walks and special occasions.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 299 UAH

Double-sided panama 999 UAH

Enjoy the serenity this winter with a trendy combination of white and beige.