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Warm and stylish: this winter's trending headwear

Panamas and kerchiefs remain the main hits of the cold season. Another alternative to boring hats is headbands with a textured knot, which protect from the wind and do not spoil your hair. To keep you warm this winter, SAMANGE designers have created trendy pieces from Tissavel eco-fur.

Soft panama is the object of desire of fashionable girls. The reversible headgear can be worn with both fluffy and raincoat material outward. It only remains to choose a color: milky, olive, caramel or pearl. Our brand offers about 20 colors! Panama brims are decorated with finishing stitching. Create a dramatic #lookoftheday in your favorite shade.

Double-sided panama 999 UAH.

A fur scarf is a trendy headdress that will gently envelop the head and neck. We also performed it in a double-sided version of dubbing and eco-fur. Choose an accessory to match your fur coat to create a harmonious look. And don't worry about comfort - the SAMANGE headscarf will hold on tightly to you thanks to the snap fastener.

Double-sided scarf 999 UAH.

This eco-fur headband is created for feminine winter looks. Ideal for an ice rink or holiday fair. Put it under a sheepskin coat below the knee or a cropped fur coat with an English collar. The size of the bandage can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the knot.

Bandage 299 UAH.

With hatsSAMANGE you will look stylish even on the coldest day!