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From yellow to emerald: how to match vibrant colors this winter

The cheerful palette will cheer you up even on the grayest and coldest day. Add color to your wardrobe with the SAMANGE winter collection.

Off-shoulder wool sheepskin coat with set-in sleeves 7 599UAH.

A yellow sheepskin coat made of wool warms and with a warm shade that smells of the sun. Complement the look with a blue or ultramarine jumper - energetic color meets serene blue and creates a harmonious combination.

Cropped fur coat 4 349UAH.

Mint, cyan and other cool tones will sound with crisp white and sandy shades - ideal for a basic turtleneck or textured knit dress.

Eco-fur coat with patch pockets 5 699UAH.

To be in the spotlight, it is enough to wear red - this rule is dictated by nature itself. The most active color can be soothed with black, graphite or brown. It is worth trying the beige total look, throwing on top a red eco-coat or a woolen sheepskin coat in a coral shade.

Cropped fur coat 4 349UAH.

Emerald will become even more expressive next to berry flowers, for example, with blueberry or cherry. Also boldly use burgundy, pale cornflower blue and sea wave.

Experiment with your favorite colors and always be bright with SAMANGE!