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Reversible eco-fur coat - one love for the whole winter

"Today I made a splash on the street and in the office. The women stop and ask where they bought it."

"I didn’t even expect faux fur to be so light and soft!" - our clients share their impressions.

Double-sided ekoshuba 6 899 UAH.

Imagine that one fur coat can replace the entire wardrobe of outerwear. It is comfortable to go to work and take a warm walk in the snow-covered park on weekends. It's also made for a New Year's Eve party - just throw a fur coat over an off-the-shoulder evening dress or a sensual cut on the back. With the gentle touch of TISSAVEL eco-fur you will feel that this evening is just yours!

Even unpredictable weather will not spoil your mood and plans: the waterproof side made of raincoat fabric will protect you from rain and snow.

If you like this practicality, choose trendy fur coats in your favorite color. In the palette of our winter collection you will find:

gentle Ivory

Reversible eco-fur coat with patch pockets 7 499UAH.

or fresh tiffany

Double-sided eco-coat 6 699UAH.

shade Mountain echo

Short double-sided eco-coat 4 999UAH.


Double-sided eco-coat 6 699UAH.

Eco fur coats SAMANGE — it is the highest quality and love for the whole winter.