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One fur coat five images

When buying a fur coat, as in anything else, and any outerwear, you want to clearly understand what and where you will wear it. We offer to see what our fur coat will look like in different situations.

For a business meeting:

Eco-leather skirt, leopard print blouse and heeled ankle boots.

Double-breasted wool coat 7 999UAH.

Faux leather mid-knee skirt 1099UAH., stock price 550UAH.

Animal print blouse 1 399UAH., stock price 840UAH.

To work:

Mix leggings, an elongated turtleneck and low-cut boots.

For a walk:

Knitted suit with sneakers.

Double-breasted wool coat 7 999UAH.

Turtleneck sweater with side slits 1 199UAH.

To meet friends:

Always relevant knitted skirt salt, sweater coarse knitting.

For a romantic dinner:

Laconic tuxedo dress.

Double-breasted wool coat 7 999UAH.

Pleated midi skirt 2 199UAH.

Svetr 1 199UAH.

Agree - the Samange fur coat is actual in any situation. You will be comfortable and your bow will be perfect!

With love for detail, Samange