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How to wear a reversible eco-fur coat in 2020

Five years ago, the presence of a natural fur coat indicated the high status of the hostess, today the presence of an eco-fur coat indicates exactly the same. But a fur coat made of natural fur today has lost its luxury and is an irrelevant wardrobe item.

However, many continue to think that wearing an eco-fur coat can and should be worn as it was done in the 2000s. With boots with high heels, skirts and dresses in a classic style. But no, fake fur is more democratic in this respect, and not only in price.

Look1 ____ This outfit for every day will be appropriate both in the office and at a meeting with friends.

Look2 ____ For a business meeting.

Double-sided of eco-fur coat 6 899UAH.

Look3 ____ And for walks, including countryside.

Double-sided of eco-fur coat 6 899UAH.