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Eco leather

The trend for eco-leather products appeared on the world catwalks several years ago, in the wake of the struggle for ethical consumption. Many experts then called the trend for eco-leather short-term and did not recommend buying eco-leather products as a long-term trend at that time. However, life, as always, has made its own adjustments and eco-leather products have firmly taken their positions in the wishlists of basic wardrobes. Today, even a leather total bow does not seem extravagant, and one wardrobe unit made of eco-leather, especially in autumn, looks very relevant in a bow. The trends are relevant for the autumn season shades: yellow, mustard, olive, burgundy, chocolate.

Eco-leather raincoat 3 199UAH, stock price 1 600 UAH.

A bright, eye-catching mustard raincoat that you can mix perfectly with quieter things. Black wide leg pants with a white shirt are a great option for every day. Jeans and knit half-overs with a mustard raincoat for the weekend. With hoodies and joggers for walking. With a midi skirt and turtleneck for business meetings. And, of course, for the most daring and fashionable wear a trench coat like a dress.

Shortened eco-leather raincoat 3 199 UAH, stock price 1 600 UAH.

Cloak 2 999 UAH, stock price 1 500 UAH.