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Today, faux fur coats, painted in bright shades of fur, are one of the most fashionable and interesting trends.

SAMANGE has identified the 5 most relevant colors, according to Pantone, for the fall-winter 2020/2021 season.

1. Malvy red (Samba) easily matches nude and white colors. If you want to create strong contrasts, pair it with different shades of blue.

Eco-fur coat with diagonal stitching under the belt 5 799UAH., stock price 4 060 UAH.

Eco-fur coat with insulation 4 599UAH., stock price 2 300 UAH.

2. Ideal choice for those who like warm deep tones in clothes - Amber Glow Will be a bright accent in a neutral set.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 899UAH.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 399UAH.

3. Shade Classic Blue is deep and exciting. The color is always elegant in combination with white, black.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 399UAH.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 699UAH.

4. Olive khaki (Military Olive) - a universal shade that can be attributed to the basic color palette of autumn. Combines with white, beige, black and brown colors.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 699UAH.

Double-sided eco-coat 6 899UAH.

5. Sand (Sandstone) - the color is in perfect harmony with other tones of clothing, is very warm and calm.

Sheepskin coat straight silhouette 6 399UAH.

Eco-fur coat with patch pockets 5 699UAH.

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