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Classic double breasted coat

If you do not have a coat and you decide which one to choose, then it is better to choose a double-breasted coat!

Off Shoulder Double Breasted Coat 4 799 UAH

But... Firstly, such a coat should sit perfectly. And this is only possible if it is well stitched. What, in fact, is the difference between all Samange products.

Secondly, the coat should be made of quality materials. The composition of the fabric should be natural and artificial components. Since if the composition is only natural, for such a coat, it can be difficult to care for with daily wear. A coat of synthetic materials will be cold. Therefore, the optimal is the composition in which from 30 to 70% of natural materials.

Thirdly, the length of the coat. Choosing the length of the midi, you can wear it "to the world and to the world." And with skirts and trousers.

Fourth, cut!

Off Shoulder Double Breasted Coat 4 799 UAH

The most advantageous cut of a sleeve is a deflated sleeve. It is very comfortable and allows you to wear not only thin shirts under the coat, but also voluminous sweaters. Such a sleeve will be loyal to you in the event that you get better at a size of two and allow you to wear this coat. The set-in sleeve in this regard is more demanding.

Fifth, color. Choose a coat color in warm colors. Choose your coat and be beautiful!