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Long term trend

Coat - bathrobe - a thing beyond time.

English collar coat 6 099 UAH

If you want not just to buy a coat, but to make a profitable investment in your wardrobe, then your choice should fall on a coat - a bathrobe. Many people think that such a coat can emphasize the stomach or add a couple of pounds, but this is not entirely true! You can use a wide belt in the color of the coat, as if the wasp waist appears and the silhouette will be more feminine.

Coat midi 6 099 UAH

If it seems that your coat is full, then it may be in the belt. The thinner the belt, the wider we will appear. With length, everything is very individual, and depends on your proportions.

One of the most versatile lengths is to the middle of the lower leg, since skirts of any length and trousers can be worn with such a length.