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How to care for a ecocoat?

Shortened eco fur coat with English collar

SAMANGE fur coats are made of the best French eco-friendly tissavel, but like any product, they require simple maintenance. Always the best option is a wash, but by no means a must. Faux fur is not deformed, but it is desirable to store the product in a spacious cabinet on a hanger. For your comfort, shoulders and a plastic cover are included with the fur coat.

To prevent the fur from falling off, it can be combed at the tips of the fur, if necessary.

What to do if dirt has got on a fur coat? You can manually clean the contaminated place with a gentle agent. Also, the product can be washed completely in the machine, but with some conditions:

 • Wash at 30-40 degrees;

 • Without spinning;

 • With neutral detergents.

Next, shake the coat and hang it so that water drains from it. Use a soft towel to remove any moisture and allow to dry at room temperature. Using a hairdryer and other heating appliances is not recommended. After the product dries, you need to comb it carefully.

If you follow the proper care, the eco-fur coat will delight you with its impeccable appearance for more than one season.