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The palette of the new season | 80s back in fashion?

Each season, Pantone Color Institute presents a color palette that will be relevant in the near future. These are always dynamic colors that combine with each other and make it possible to create a memorable stylish image.

Red is always in fashion, the difference is in shade. At the peak of popularity, the bright Flame Scarlet “Scarlet Flame”, which embodies confidence in its style and courage. One has only to add red to your image and thousands of admiring glances are guaranteed.

Quilted jacket with a belt and a hood 2 799 UAH

Eco-fur coat with diagonal stitching under the belt 6 899 UAH

Already want the sun and heat? One of the most popular flowers this spring is Saffron Yellow. It will make your image bright, brilliant and memorable.

Collarless Flare Coat 2 699 UAH

Eco Leather Jacket 2 299 UAH

Classic blue is the perfect replacement for black, which has been so actively integrated into our daily lives. Experiment, Classic Blue - emphasize your personality.

Fur coat "size +" with diagonal stitching and a hood 6 299 UAH

Warm jacket with a hood 2 799 UAH

The color of calm and inspiration is the green Chive (bow). It is not surprising that in the new season the color of greenery, blooming leaves, spring is in trend. Grassy shade suits millions of girls and each in its own way.

Oversize Hooded Fur Coat 6 299 UAH

Lightweight raincoat jacket 2 799 UAH

Everyone's favorite, like a cinnamon roll, a shade of brown - “cinnamon stick.” On the one hand, the Cinnamon Stick is very difficult, but what stylish images are obtained with it, if you combine the products with each other correctly.

Down jacket with a removable hood 9 699 UAH

Reversible Alpaca Coat 4 999 UAH

We can safely say that 2020 is a dynamic, vibrant and memorable year. The trendiest colors are the trend: orange Orange Peel, blue Faded Denim, another shade of blue Mosaic Blue. Also, the unchanging trend is not the first season - pastel shades in clothes: light yellow Sunlight, pink Coral Pink, white Brilliant White and many others.

The palette of the new season allows everyone to choose a color that is most stylish for everyday looks and evening events.