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Trends 2020: Outerwear

Trends 2020: Outerwear

Winter is no reason to forget about the style! We follow fashion trends and create collections based on trends, practicality and aesthetics, add details that will not disregard any stylish girl.

So 2020, what is it like?

Classic is always in fashion. Have you noticed that from year to year, a midi-length coat in nude shades is always relevant and harmoniously looks with many images? At the moment, it is not necessary to wear a coat only with formal shoes, classic trousers and golf, as it was many years ago. Experiment with style, pay attention to sport casual: sneakers, hoodies, voluminous jeans - all this is suitable for the dynamic completion of the image.

Classic women coat with patch pockets 4 399 UAH

Off Shoulder Double Breasted Coat 4 099 UAH

Fur coats from eco fur

This is not the first season that eco-fur has become an ideal substitute for natural. It does not require special care, brightly complements onions and does not harm animals. Many stars, opinion leaders and designers have already made their choice in favor of eco-coats.

Fur coat shortened from eco-fur with a hood 7 399 UAH

Elongated eco-coat with slits and a hood 5 100 UAH

Sheepskin coats

Everyone already loved a sheepskin coat at the peak of popularity. Already tried this on? Stylish, bright and very warm. What could be more practical for the winter? In addition, we also use high-quality eco-books instead of genuine leather, which is not inferior in quality and does not require special care.

Sheepskin coat aviator with a fur collar 10 699 UAH


A trend that will not leave many indifferent is oversize products. Your choice may be not only in favor of voluminous down jackets, but also coats, raincoats, sheepskin coats. At the moment, this trend is confidently entrenched in everyday life.

Parka warmed with a fur hood 9 199 UAH

Hooded, double-sided oversize down jacket 4 199 UAH

Eco leather

The choice of stylists this season is eco-leather. This trend is relevant not only in individual elements of the image: a raincoat, down jacket or jacket, as well as in total-look, when the entire image is made in eco-leather.

Eco-leather T-shirt 999 UAH

Faux leather jacket 2 299 UAH

Patch pockets

The accent that will make products even more fashionable is patch pockets, they can be not only functional, but also decorative.

Shortened sheepskin coat 7 599 UAH

Insulated jacket with a removable hood 2 799 UAH

What trend would you single out for yourself in the first place? All products presented in the article are in our Samange catalog and are available to order.