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The main color of 2020

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute selects the main color of the season. Blue is the trend of 2020 according to Pantone. Classic blue is the color of calm, confidence and simplicity. It is associated with the sky at dusk, conveys a sense of reliability and constancy. Everyone may have a question about what to combine blue in clothing. Neutral it is not called, but if you make the right image, it turns out a stylish bow, both for each day, and for an important event. Each color has many shades that can be selected depending on your color type.

The combination that will always be relevant is blue with white. It can be a blue skirt with a white top, or it can be a blue jacket and white jeans. The white total look with a blue coat or fur coat is particularly striking.

Woolen coat with a low shoulder 3 150 UAH

Oversize down jacket with a scarf 2 800 UAH

Genuine fur coat with print 7 770 UAH

Down jacket with hood and rep ribbon 2 310 UAH

If you take the black color, it is worth being careful so that your image does not turn gloomy. Ideal if black is the accent in accessories, such as shoes or a bag.

Eco-fur coat with diagonal stitching under the belt 4 830 UAH

Shortened eco-coat on the heater 3 220 UAH

Combining blue with brown enhances the nobility of color, and the combination of burgundy with bright shades of blue certainly looks stylish and spectacular.

Coat with real fur 7 770 UAH

Warm coat with pile fabric and natural fur 8 400 UAH