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Current trend of the season - eco-fur coats!

The current trend of the season is eco-fur coats. They will fit most of the women's wardrobe and brightly complement your bow. But the question often arises - what to wear them with? A leopard coat is a great way to add color to your everyday look. What to combine such a fur coat with? More options than it seems at first glance. You can create a restrained image that most girls will like - total black look. Also, this eco-coat looks great with a simple white t-shirt, mom’s jeans and massive boots. Thus, we will dilute the chic leopard print with simpler shades to get a stylish look. For girls who prefer dynamic youth images, we propose to make a multi-layered, slightly hooligan image. Just add a knitted binnie hat, jacket and favorite sneakers to get the desired style. How come without red? To create a glamorous look with a leopard coat, just add something red, such as a knit dress.

Eco fur coat "Tissavel" under a leopard print belt

Elegant fur coat. If the street is not very cold and dry enough, you can create an image in the style of lady like. Pants 7/8, a blouse and high-heeled shoes will make your look sophisticated.

Shortened eco fur coat with English collar

Classic is always in fashion - narrow bottom, surround top. If your choice is eco-coats to the middle of the thigh or shorter, then the boots, which are now also in trend, will perfectly complement your look.

Shortened fur coat with a hood

For an evening look, an eco-fur coat will be a chic decision. Regardless of the style and length of the product, it will be enough to add a beautiful dress, accessories and high-heeled shoes to make your bow relevant for any evening event.

Long fur coat with English fur collar "Tissavel"

At the moment, eco-coats have become a bestseller of sales, which is supported not only by fashion bloggers, but also by world stars such as: Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and many others.