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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


The sophisticated and perfected purple hue of Crocus Petal is the most romantic and feminine color of autumn and winter 2018 - 2019 from the Panton palette #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


The cage this season has become the most fashionable print. Checkered coats and jackets will be especially relevant. Aerobatics - a combination of several options for the cell in one outfit #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


“Tofu” is a cool creamy tone that has become an alternative to white. Neutrality “Tofu” allows you to use it in the most elegant images #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


This season's must-have is an eco-fur coat. IN TREND BRIGHT COLOR ECOMECH, NATURAL COLOR OR COLOR BLOCKING #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


The main shades of the season are romantic and cinematic names. Rust, the color of ripened chestnut, nutty, ocher and mustard look great in clothes from the autumn collections #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


The special structure of the wool fibers provides the fabric with excellent properties in preserving heat. Products made from such material are distinguished by their hypoallergenic and wear resistant properties. Wool retains its beautiful and neat appearance for a long time, ensuring maximum comfort while wearing #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


One of the most spectacular trends of the coming winter is the silver-colored outfits and accessories. In the "cosmic" things can be completed from head to toe to look as alien, like girls on shows of Chanel and Y Project #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Red Pear - rich red-brown tone. This shade is self-sufficient, elegant and incredibly aristocratic. It is ideal in monolooks, but it goes well with yellow and blue shades. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


One of the main trophies of the season - outerwear from eco-fur of different shades and textures. Among the hot trends of the season - bright, sometimes flashy colors. Fur products painted in trendy colors look luxurious and stylish. At the peak of popularity today is red #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Beige and black create interesting and stylish ensembles. The contrast of the combination makes it possible to get expressive, spectacular, deep images that will certainly impress others. At the heart of the office style are colors such as black, white, gray, beige and dark blue. In the psychology of color, it is recommended to use a union of beige and black in negotiations, interviews or exams, since it creates a positive-neutral background for communication. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Total black. White things were relevant in the summer; as a result, blacks are trendy in autumn and winter #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Martini Olive is a deep shade of green, not too dark or gloomy, shows itself perfectly in military style clothing #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Coats made from natural materials are not only a trendy trend, but also one of the components of health #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


A bright brown shade has great possibilities for combining. Ideal with yellow, orange and red tones. #SAMANGE # fall2018


The hit of autumn-winter collections is a complicated cut. The contrasting colors of the details are emphasized by the ingeniousness of the constructions #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


A deep shade of blue, will make any figure more elegant and slimmer. It goes well with red, yellow tones #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


The cage becomes the most fashionable print of autumn. Small and large, straight and diagonal, black and white and colored. The cage begins a confident cry on the wardrobe of women of fashion #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


A noble gray coat will serve as a good base for creating stylish images #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


The most spectacular bows this fall #SAMANGE #fall2018


A deep blue-green hue, named after the quetzal bird, looks extremely elegant and rich #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


A drawing on oak leaves clothes, as in the Lacoste show, a floral pattern in marsh flowers from Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors or abstract patterns SAMANGE - in the coming autumn merge with nature and wear camouflage! #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Not restrained and expressive, open and enticing, poppy warm shade bravely bursts into the fashionable palette #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Brilliant almonds - the most gentle nude shade of the autumn-winter season #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


Plastic, silver parks, overalls and down jackets, futuristic huge sneakers, reminiscent of moonshocks - a real gift for fans of science fiction. Catch signals from space in a fashionable image #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Сoats from eco-fur. In addition to the fact that the creation of such fur does not require the death of animals, it also expands the possibilities in terms of design: any possible colors and volumes - all this will be a hit of autumn and winter 2018/19. #SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


Tweed. In autumn-winter 2018/19 tweed is especially relevant. Pay attention to more daring combinations, combinations of tweeds with leather, metal textures, denim and sports things. #SAMANGE # fall2018 # winter2019


All types of cells will be relevant in autumn and winter 2018-19. From the fabric to the cage will be worn all - suits, dresses, coats, skirts, jackets. The size and color of the cell are arbitrary.#SAMANGE #fall2018 #winter2019


We invite you to the exhibition "Galychyna Fashion Expo", which will be held in Lviv from 8 - 11.08.2018. All the days of the exhibition at our stand will be attended by managers and management of the company, with whom you will be able to discuss issues of the beginning and development of cooperation in an informal atmosphere. Waiting for our STAND 2C


A colored coat with an English collar is a thing you need to dare for once in your life.#SAMANGE #spring2018


We invite bayers to the closed exhibition of the autumn-winter collection 2018/19


Main trends of the season: Denim. Clothing from denim of all shades of blue - from a transparent blue to a saturated indigo - again conquers the catwalks #SAMANGE #spring2018


Shuttlecocks and ruches flooded the mass market in the spring of 2017, but judging by the reports of the London trend-bureau # WGSN and fresh shows at Fashion Week, remain with us in the spring of 2018 #SAMANGE #spring2018


White jacket - not just a stylish and elegant element of the women's wardrobe, it can be safely called the classic of modern fashion. Regardless of the complexity of the style, it is able to bring to your appearance a note of refinement, nobility and, in a way, even aristocratism #SAMANGE #spring2018

The strip is an incontestable trend of the spring-summer season 2018 #SAMANGE # spring2018



A very light shade of gray Harbor Mist - so weightless that it reminds a fog covering the earth with the onset of spring. Wrap up in a coat of the color of the Misty Harbor - it's like being invisible #SAMANGE #spring2018 #HarborMist

А reliable option - to wear a coat as a dress. #SAMANGE # spring2018

The most fashionable season printout - this spring we dress in peas. #SAMANGE #spring18

Pantone Little Boy Blue - сolor of the spring sky, calming and fresh blue gives harmony and optimism.

Lovely women, let each of your day be full of sunshine, give joy, creative inspiration, pleasant surprises, love, good and prosperity!

The coat of the #doubleface perfectly from the underside is the same as with the front side. Playing the tones of both sides of the fabric will allow you to experiment freely with the choice of color for creating the image. #SAMANGE # spring2018

The most popular flower of the coming spring is lavender, and the # PinkLavender shade has entered the top ten trendy colors of the season. #SAMANGE # spring2018

Actual red in the new spring palette #pantone #SAMANGE #spring2018


From 7 to 9 February in Kiev was successfully held Kyiv Fashion International Fashion Festival, which SAMANGE presented a new collection of spring 2018. #SAMANGE #spring2018


Winter "bubble-coats" are the best option of outerwear. But the headdress is the most impotant part of the image in the winter, do not forget about it!


The expressions, the eccentricity and the actual colour combinations are the secret of popularity the square design! #fallwinter17_18


Winter vacations are a great time to spend it actively and fun! A universal winter image for lovers of comfort. #fallwinter17_18

Products with fur are beyond competition, both in terms of practicality, elegance, respectability and luxury. #fallwinter17_18


Elegant feminine look, for lovers to emphasize the figure. Under such a coat it is good to wear basic narrow trousers, high-heeled boots or boots on a comfortable wedge. SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18

Winter trend number one: colored fur #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


Red color. The main color of the season, which was present in all collections. Shade for strong women.#SAMANGE #fallwinter17_18


The print in peas is transformed from an easy shy; mental heritage of the 1960s into a new classic of elegance due to the & shy; strict black and white contrast and experiments with the size of peas. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


A black coat invariably remains a model of an ageless classics that never leaves the trend. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


The Norwegian pattern this season can be present not only on sweaters. Winter coat with snowflakes, reindeers, diamonds looks fresh and original. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


Trend of the season: shades of the palette nude #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


Bulky bubble-coats - exactly what is needed in the cold winter and late autumn. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


Fur collars have become one of the hottest hits of the autumn-winter season. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17_18


Striped print remains in print tops of the season. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


Minimalism and restrained chic, comfort and naturalness - key trends that are clearly traced in autumn / winter collections 2017-18 #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


Red - the undisputed favorite of the autumn-winter season. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


In the autumn season, the latest trends will be combined with practicality and convenience. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


The tandem of the electrician with black is the most elegant and concise combination. Red and yellow will be a successful addition to the image. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


Coat of woolen boucle - trend of the autumn season. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


YELLOW From the neon-lemon to the soft color of the yellow autumn foliage, the autumn of 2017 promises to be sunny. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


The main ornament of the autumn coat of 2017 will be fur inserts #SAMANGE # fallwinter17

Mixing different textures in one product - always topical and stylish. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17

Navy Peony - a neutral dark blue color, which is combined with any shade from the grenadine to golden lime. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17 #navypeony

Focus on details in the collection of SAMANGE autumn-winter 17/18 #SAMANGE # fallwinter17

Femininity and elegance at the peak of popularity. A trimmed midi coat can play a harmonious outfit with any style, suitable for everyday wear and release. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17

Bright, effective, dynamic color Grenadine - one of the most memorable shades of the red palette. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17 #grenadine


Universal look for parties, meetings with friends, appointments or work in the office: skinny jeans, white shirt, high platform derby, clutch and classic beige coat #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


The shortened styles, mostly above the knee, do not lose their relevance in the fashionable autumn-winter season 17/18 #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


Large parts in coat f / w 17-18 are especially popular #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


A specific shade of pink Ballet Slipper - soft and glamorous #SAMANGE # fallwinter17 #balletslipper


A free cut is always in a trend. In addition, one and the same coat can be worn with both inflatable dresses and jeans. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


The classic coat of wool is combined with any clothing in any style. This image is ideal for those who are not ready to sacrifice comfort, but want to look collected and strictly. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


Golden lime is the most sought after color of the fall of 2017 #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


One of the key trends in autumn and winter 2017/18 & ndash; A long coat that will fit in both business and everyday fashion. Ideally, a long coat should be monophonic neutral beige shades. #SAMANGE # fallwinter17


SAMANGE Company was awarded with a diploma for the best presentation of products.


Coats this season - the most important subject of the wardrobe. Preference for models with large fur collars and the edges on the sleeves.


A true autumnal tone called "Autumn maple"


From the spring-summer season, the strip confidently turns into pre-fall, figuring in all possible colors and sizes. A feminine cut, a gentle color scheme and romantic image becomes the favorite of the coming autumn.



The current season trend of the spring of 2017 is a feminine silhouette with an accentuated waistline. Even if the coat itself is free enough, yet the strap accentuates the waist, creating a new silhouette.



It is not the first season in fashion on the coat that the tendency to unusual invoices can be traced: a boucle, a tweed, a jacquard.



It is difficult to imagine a selection of trends in the spring-summer season without flower print. Flowers are always associated with femininity, youth and summer, and this season the floral print is especially relevant.



Greenery riot & ndash; Color trend 2017



To create a fashionable image of cold shades: gray, white, light blue, just add one metallized detail - a bag or shoes



No matter how much we praise pink this season, white color remains the favorite of the warm season.



Choose the coat of the most cheerful color of the season

Let every day your house is filled with comfort, warmth, happiness, well-being. Give each other attention and care, love and faithfulness. Happy Easter!


In the fashionable season, spring - summer 2017 preferred this feminine, refined and refined element of decoration, like lace.


Spring Casual Look

Tropical print has chosen its place of honor among the trendy trends of the spring-summer season 2017
Look of the day - black and white monochrome #SAMANGE spring 2017
In the new collections of the season, it was impossible not to pay attention to the mass use of appliqués and prints in the form of hearts. #SAMANGE spring 2017
It is still relevant - the length of the midi. #SAMANGE spring 2017
Hazelnut and Island paradise - trendy colors that harmonize perfectly with each other. #SAMANGE spring 2017
A new wave: the return of the 80's #SAMANGE spring 2017
Pink and total femininity - the latest trends for Spring-Summer 2017 #SAMANGE
Lovely women! We wish you women's happiness! To the spring gave you even more beauty, fine mood, spiritual harmony, admiration for men and a lot of love. Let all the dreams come true! With the Spring Festival you! With best regards, the company #Samange
Print strip and a combination of all the pure colors of the spectrum in one fashionable object #SAMANGE spring 2017
It's time to think about your bright spring image. With the first day of spring! #SAMANGE spring 2017
Stand SAMANGE the international fashion festival Kyiv Fashion 2017 #SAMANGE #KyivFashion
Actual combination of colors of spring season #SAMANGE Spring 2017
Floral motifs - fashion trend of 2017 #SAMANGE Spring 2017 #floralprint
The new trend in clothing spring season - summer 2017 - the use of metallised fabric #SAMANGE Spring 2017 #metallic #silver
Hue Flame adds heat to the flame palette spring 2017. #SAMANGE Spring 2017 #flame
Business style is always relevant SAMANGE Spring 2017
The main color of 2017 - an optimistic color Greenery fresh greens. #SAMANGE Spring 2017 #greenery
#SAMANGE Company invites you to visit our booth B231 8 - 10.02.2017 at #KyivFashion exhibition Exhibition Center "KyivExpoPlaza" Salyutna St., 2B
SAMANGE Spring 2017
SAMANGE stand at the international fashion festival Kyiv fashion

SAMANGE company opens a branch in Russia. Official representative office in MOSCOW for new partners and loyal followers of the brand SAMANGE. We look forward to working with You! Russia, Moscow, business center "NOV', Novo-Olkhovsky building 2, entrance 6, Showroom 115 Yana Nazarova sales Manager +7(926) 795-65-68 +7(964) 726-80-08

Nice warm color of mustard and autumn foliage. Warm from one glance, therefore, will be relevant in outerwear, leather products, velour and wool.
One coat – two looks
Every day the speed of our lives increases, and to sustain this tempo, it is very important to feel as comfortable as possible. Park wool Samange - comfortable, practical, fits into the image and almost universal in terms of compatibility with other items of clothing, and in terms of its use in any conditions.
Ukrainian brand clothing Samange presents the new spring collection. Its main topics were light, feminine and romantic images: glamorous coats and trench coats, casual style, daring models for fans of extravagant fashion and strict business lady. The collection — soft cashmere, noble colorful suede and neoprene. Soft and pleasant to touch classic models from natural fabrics exquisitely accentuate the feminine shape, sit perfectly on the figure and does not constrain movements. In turn, the neoprene, the unique "futuristic" material that has allowed designers Samange to create a series of coats with new, unusual silhouettes. The collection has a surprising variety of styles and finishes. In the new season the brand presents a fashionable coat with sleeves three quarters, coat, sleeveless, fitted, asymmetrical silhouettes, coat, model, fringe, openwork lace, as well as coats oversize style with a sporty striped panels at the cuffs and collar. For the new collection was an actual color, ranging from light spring tones and ending with bright, vivid colors. Pale turquoise, pale lilac, cream, milk ivory fill the collection with light, fresh, give the opportunity to experiment with their images. Deeper colours — rich sand, green, light green, bright red, light purple, electric blue — stresses the sense of style that effectively highlights their owners and uplifting after gray winter days. Original cut spring Samange, their refined simplicity and elegance will allow each woman to awaken her femininity to reveal the diversity of nature and to look real delicate, stylish and unique every day of the spring.

The big cities always live in their own pace and rhythm. To merge with them, becoming one, or, having the charge of energy to remain independent? In the new collection autumn-winter 2015/16 Samange boldly teeters on the brink of these States — every image embodies a special state of mind of modern urban girl who wants to look amazing regardless of the season and at the same time feel comfortable. Designers Samange has created the autumn-winter coats in the style of fusion, which are not only warm and give a sense of comfort, but also delicately emphasize the femininity and individuality of its owner. This contributes to the soft texture, three-dimensional shape, deep, saturated colors and enveloping silhouettes of new models that add fragility to any look. A feature of the collection is the use of high quality natural materials-wool, cashmere, viscose, cotton, tweed, twill. Here plasia quilted fabric perfectly combines with cell vorovskoi pied de bullets, and a coat made of viscose looks as nice and subtle as airy summer dress. Designers skillfully combine fabric in fabric and French ecomega-tissavel, so gentle and easy that it is impossible to distinguish from natural. For fans of this chic collection presents luxury samples of original trim of genuine Fox fur and raccoon. Each piece is a stylish detail made by hand with fine taste and elegance. Large patch pockets, various forms of collars, a neat clasp, and a casually knotted belt give this collection a modern mood and attract the attention of others. The heroine of this collection — girl No. 1. Urban fashionista or a caring mother, a business woman or a socialite — she is not afraid to be myself and always stands out from the crowd. Misplaced pretentiousness she prefers versatile silhouettes, vulgarity — refined simplicity. She goes out into the streets of the metropolis, to surprise and to catch admiring glances. Girl Samange, the city awaits your new images of success and victories!


In Almaty at the exhibition complex "Atakent" from 16 to 18 March will be held the XV international fashion exhibition Central Asia Fashion Spring 2015 During its existence Central Asia Fashion has established itself as a fabulous fashion event on the Kazakhstan market. The interest to which show how reputable market leaders and new players. This year the exhibition will feature 130 fashion companies from 16 countries that are present in the form of a fashion show the latest fashion trends of the world's high fashion brands - industry leader. Good news for fans of TM Samange, is that the Asian market will also be able to enjoy the spring collection Spring 2015. Waiting for all those wishing to emphasize their individuality and beauty. TM Samange in the face of professional managers and consultants will be waiting for You from 16 to 18 March at the exhibition complex "Atakent" at Almaty, Timiryazev street, 42
In Poland was held the 2nd international Fashion Fair PTAK EXPO. Fashion fair PTAK EXPO was crowned with a huge business success. The biggest clothing exhibition in Poland, which received recognition from the best Polish and foreign producers, traders and also professionals of the fashion industry. The Exhibition was attended by Polish and foreign buyers, particularly from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Baltic countries. Exhibition area was formed by 3 500 exhibitors, manufacturers, importers and distributors of clothing, footwear and accessories from around the world. It should be noted that Samange TM participated for the first time in this exhibition, but that did not stop from day to conquer the European audience with his exquisite spring collection SPRING 2015.
Kyiv Fashion is the only exhibition in Ukraine, covering the full range of goods of light and textile industry. In this forum TM Samange became a frequent guest. And this year is no exception. Ukrainian brand Samange, popular in many European countries for more than 6 years, will present her new collection in which designers have combined ideas spring soft and sensual feminine nature. The collection includes models of jacquard and cashmere with a mesmerizing floral print. We invite everyone to attend the event, which will take place in KyivExpoPlaza (Salyutna street 2-b) from 5 to 7 February. Also good news is that on the last day of the exhibition, namely on February 7 everyone will be able to purchase your favorite model from the representatives of Samange.



From March 11 till 16 the fashion show of the current spring collection Samange 'spring 2014' was hosted in St. Petersburg within the framework of the international exhibition 'Fashion Industry 2014'. The aim of the show was to get acquainted the Petersburg's customers with the brand.


The show was held over three days of the exhibition, at which different companies from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Italy, Germany and Ukraine were attended. On the first day Samange presented the collection for the cold March. There were the long coats, at which the bright spring prints, the black-and-white classic and slap-up glam-rock accents with leather, spikes and with a 'bat' silhouette became the trends.


The second day gave a unveiling of secret to the April weather with surprises. The girls playfully defiled on the cat walk in short coats, at which Japanese embroidery motifs, the charm of houndstooth and the tradition of 60s in the Audrey Hepburn's style set the pace.


The third day was pleased the audience of rainy Petersburg by the May novelties. There were bright trenches with a lace and full circle skirts, emancipated raincoats styled after 'London dandy', the feminine cloak-costumes and a venturous cloak-chemises.



Many people associate Paris with fragrant coffee shops, with knitted scarves and warm coats in the romantic style, but not everybody knows that the cause of true love the French to these things is a European climate with a wet and windy winter. So hospitable France met us exactly by such typical for Europe warm rainy weather with a fog and a piercing wind, but a radiantly smiling staff of the exhibition 'Who's next' and mellifluous, vivid, sonorous and sweet French speech immediately gave us the completely feeling that we arrived at the same Paris - holy of holies of the fashion industry.


For four days exhibition center Porte de Versailles pleased us with new and new faces from around the world - France, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, United States, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. In total more than 58,000 fashion industry professionals visited the exhibition. They were owners of boutiques, retailers, trade groups, large international distribution network, as well as fashion critics, fashion-media journalists, editors of glossy magazines, photographers, stylists world-wide, and of course fashion designers from all over the world, who introduced visitors with their products, surprised the various technical, technological and design innovations.


At exhibition WHO'S NEXT Samange company also introduced to an attention of high audience its new collection of next year - Fall-Winter 2014/15 and was immediately noticed by demanding critics. Representatives of Western Europe, West and East Asia as well as North Africa and America have expressed interest in a further cooperation with the company, expressing their positive opinion about the sophisticated design, high standards of production and democratic prices compared to European ones.


Besides of business meetings the exhibitors and visitors looked forward to noisy conferences, new educational forum of the fashion-trends, exciting workshops of the international fashion professionals, tips of stylists, unique promotions, bright presentations, daily fashion shows, and also the fun contests, draw games, interesting show program and of course free champagne. In leisure time we spent the night walking around Paris with beautiful central streets, which were lighted by golden spotlights of the Eiffel Tower, with the magic beauty Renaissance architecture, with fragrant smelling cafes and friendly locals, who were laughing even in the drizzling rain and under overcast French sky.


Inspired by the French chic and full of impressions we returned to the snowy Ukraine to begin the working with the opening of new branches in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Since 25 till 28 January Samange introduces its new collection fall-winter 2014/15 at the exhibition WHO'S NEXT PRET-A-PORTER which will be held in Paris at Porte de Versailles. Exhibition WHO'S NEXT is one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in Western Europe, which dictates the fashion trends and maintains its reputation of fashion professionals during 15 years. Every year, WHO'S NEXT represents the meeting of about 4700 designers of clothes, shoes and accessories, also more than 1,200 European brands, more than 45,000 customers and approximately 900 fashion-journalists.


WHO'S NEXT really has established itself as a respected critic of fashion and spotter of trends, which has making impact for the perception and the development of fashion-industry in the world. Moreover, WHO'S NEXT positions itself as a place of expression, exchange of ideas and the development of young brands.


The creative team of Samange is preparing to this exhibition seriously and responsibly to take its rightful place in the European market.