The Samange brand (founded in 2009) successfully operates in the European market, creating fashion trends and unique images for those women who value their individuality and femininity.

We know how important to remind a woman that she is a woman. Our task is to uncover her magical power inside, internal energy and an attractive sexuality. We try to awake a charming weakness and a touching fragility in her, to make her a mystery and to give a time to be alone with herself.

Only a woman pushes men to great deeds, only the woman gives a new life, only the woman is able to adapt to a variety of difficulties.

Objectives of the company are the production and the wholesale trade of women's ready-to-wear overclothes in a mid-market segment. Its professionalism, the attention to details, the European quality standards and new technologies allow Samange textile mill to put the most daring ideas into life. Use the proven high quality materials and fittings are often handmade make it possible to keep up with the times, to enter new markets and generate competitive collections.